We partner with organizations to develop comprehensive business IT strategies and integrate ourselves to seamlessly execute their strategies for results. From the IT strategy development to the business strategy execution, and the IT life cycle management and support; The Kupa’a Group is an experience partner for IT strategic planning, implementation, and maintenance and support. We pride ourselves in helping organizations getting IT initiatives completed, and getting it done right.



Our IT infrastructure services provide organizations with reliable operating environments that are optimized for peak performance, scalable, maintainable, and secured. The Kupa’a Group will address the ever changing landscape of hardware and software and find the right solution and approach to support the dependent functions that are critical to day-to-day business operations. With our vast experience, we provide a broad range of IT infrastructure services.




The Kupa'a Group places major focus to partner with businesses and organizations as the role of CIO/CTO to plan, execute, and deliver IT initiatives.more


With businesses and organizations struggling to manage the cost of doing business, The Kupa'a group develops action plans to address this challenge.more


Business and organizations perform at their best, when they are not directly involved with implementation of IT initiatives. The Kupa'a Group refines our services to include planning, implementation, and support.more


he Kupa'a Group expands it IT talent pool to include networking, system administration, database administration, business intelligence, and software and web development.more


To remain competitive and effective, businesses and organizations need to have IT systems that support their initiatives and goals. They have to do this at the right cost, at the right time, with right solution. Maintaining internal staffing for IT initiatives and support is simply too expensive, time consuming and inefficient for smaller companies and organizations. The answer to this predicament is The Kupa'a Group where Information Technology and Business Process Improvement is our core competency.